Human Performance - BRAVO ZULU

Survival knows no rank - the status counts.

OffTEC trainings optimize the physical and mental resilience of each participant as well as the group as a whole. Through stressful situations and certain challenges, the expectation of ones's self-efficacy is strengthened. The impressions that are conveyed through our training have an impact on many other areas of the service.

They also show where mental and physical attention may be given in case of doubt. Psychologically educated trainers impart tools to remain actionable and protected in special situations. All our trainings follow the line that the body and the mind work together and not against each other.


  • physical performance review
  • mental stress management
  • enhancement of self-efficacy expectation
  • teamfinding and teambuilding
  • strengthening resilience
  • consolidating action competencies


Karsten Wannick

Lecker Straße 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-23


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