Effects of the coronavirus on training offers and certificate validit

The updated Corona Advisory Note 11 of the GWO has issued advisory notes communicating agreed advice, guidance and exemptions from its regular governance in order to make it possible to conduct safety training with minimal adverse effects and spread of virus during the pandemic.

To reduce the risk of infection, the courses are carried out in accordance with GWO guidelines-

a. Increasing numbers of dummy usage instead of real person in rescuing and in practical exercises
b. High-risk activities (e.g. resuscitation) are to merely simulated or specifically described by the participant
c. Increased masks wearing
d. Social distancing rules observed 
e. Certificate validity extended for 60 days to refresh existing training till 30th of June, 2021

Refresher training should be taken in a maximum of 60 days before the certificate expires. 
However, course participants who owing to a Covid-related cancellation are unable to attend a refresher course within the 24 months validity period, may refresh expired training up until a maximum of 60 days after expiry. In such cases, the course participant shall take steps to do so at the earliest possible opportunity. This exemption measure ends on 30th of June, 2021.

The measure to allow attendance to refresher courses up until 60 days after expiry does not constitute an extension of agreed validity periods for GWO training, and does not constitute a general exemption towards employers and duty-holders to ensure employees have adequate safety competences. It remains an employer prerogative to make decisions on whether to require valid training or give exemption.

In addition, there is still a possibility to take part in digital GWO trainings. The so-called Basic Safety Training Online Partial Refresher Training (BSTR-P) has a maximum validity of six months, dated from the expiry of the participants existing record. 
Attention: The actual feasibility of these standardized training courses in accordance with the GWO requirements depends on the requirements of the DGUV and the local authorities. According to GWO requirements, a national legal framework and mandatory course content must be observed for each course.

An example is the First Aid course, which is heavily regulated in Germany (see 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 of the GWO Requirements for Training Providers, Version 9.1). This means that the content must be conveyed in accordance with the current national requirements of the DGUV QSEH. First Aid Training without practical exercises (e-learning, webinar, etc.) is currently not permitted in Germany.

You can find more information about First Aid info here:: dguv.de

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