Hard and real – only at OffTEC: Maritime survival training for special forces

Drowning is not an option. Special forces have to survive in order to save others when nobody else can. Missions out at sea – storm surges, capsizing, helicopter crash, man overboard – even the most disastrous situations can be properly trained for. The OffTEC offshore training and development cluster are the experts for maritime training courses for special forces from police and Bundeswehr, and international armed forces. The Maritime Training Centre uses real technology and state of the art infrastructure suited to special mission requirements: heavy seas, fog, darkness, blustering wind. Experience this unique, safe environment in the new OffTEC training film at www.bravo-zulu.de.

Properly prepared with special training
Facit omnia voluntas. The combination course is based on the special training courses for Survival at Sea, Capsize and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Tactical Work in Water and Operational Exercises. Wolfgang Raach, senior consultant for maritime training: “The concept of the combined basis modules was developed in association with these units and forces. The course instructors are former members of the German combat swimmer company (KSM) with many years experience as instructors for special services.”

New requirements for Special Forces often result from current developments, and OffTEC’s maritime training management is always able to implement them in an appropriate course at short notice. Where necessary, OffTEC can also provide support in material testing, technical developments and enhancements, and maritime tactics to meet the specific requirements of the units to be trained.

Save your soul!
Survival at Sea: If you want to rescue others, first you yourself have to survive. The course teaches elementary knowledge and skills for ensuring ones own safety and how to behave when working as a team. Sea emergency scenarios are analysed and assessed in theory and practice. How to handle collective rescue devices and the safe evacuation of other persons make the exercises indispensable for successful application.
HUET and Capsize Training – analyse, assess and react, and master as a team: surviving in helicopter emergencies. Participants train how to assess emergency and capsize scenarios and how to personally cope with the various evacuation routes out of a helicopter both above and under water.

Capsized, keel in the air. In emergency situations it is essential to act swiftly and decisively when deploying the RIB. During Capsize Training the teams practice evacuation from an upturned boat. This training of course takes place under difficult conditions such as storm or fog – as you’d expect for special forces.

Training centre with all the hindrances you can imagine
OffTEC managing director Klaus Loesmann says: “The need for special training courses is massive, because there is no other training centre anywhere in Central Europe that offers so many features in one location. At the Maritime Training Centre – with its 345 sq m pool and highly sophisticated equipment – simulations like capsize training and winching operations with a helicopter require more than a bit of splashing around. The equipment includes a wave machine (with wave height over 2 m), a flexible overhead crane with 3.8 t hook load, two crane trolleys for HUET, a helicopter cab, as well as wind and sound generators for creating realistic weather and wave scenarios.

Safe return: The survival training uses rescue equipment, including a modular egress training simulator, two platforms with escape chute system, boat landing system, rescue boats and rafts and a water exercise platform. The flexibility and size of the technical and constructional equipment enables variable use and extension. OffTEC is optimally prepared to integrate future requirements resulting from upgraded safety standards and new training procedures.

Services for Special Forces
-    In camera: ban on access for unauthorised persons during the whole course
-    Training with own complete operational equipment, incl. pole and ladder
-    Safe storage of equipment during the course
-    Provision of supplementary or ancillary equipment
-    Guaranteed medical care
-    Accommodation incl. meals on site during the course
-    Helicopter landing pad on site

Number of participants by arrangement, desired group size 10 participants. The duration of the special forces’ course depends on the combination and degree of intensity of the modules, ranging from 1 - 5 training days.

More information at www.bravo-zulu.de


About OffTEC
The Offshore Training and Development Cluster (OffTEC) has been providing comprehensive qualification of skilled wind industry workers under very realistic conditions since 2011 – and all at one location. All the relevant safety and technology training courses, with main focus on safety, rescue and wind turbine technology both on and offshore, are taught at Europe’s biggest training and advanced training centre in the North Frisian town of Enge-Sande. Over 18,000 certificates have already been issued. An additional domain is special maritime training courses for special forces.

OffTEC also boasts a state of the art maritime training centre, fire fighting and technology training centres, a wind farm for training safety at height and rescue from height, as well as its own 36-bed guesthouse. The company is the first in its field to offer real full service. The courses available include diverse training opportunities in accordance with common and international standards, adapted to the customers’ individual needs.

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