Saving and Rescuing - OffTEC Offers Enhanced Training

Respect the Elements: OffTEC GmbH & Co.KG is bringing new challenges for personnel in the on and offshore wind industry to WindEnergy Hamburg.
The training centre, which is unique in Europe, is situated in the North Frisian town of Enge-Sande, and specialises in realistic safety and rescue training courses as well as technological skills relating to wind power. In addition to expanded training courses in accordance with the new GWO standards, the safety experts will also be presenting the user course for the Wind Escapettor, a one-person evacuation device. Intrepid visitors can try out the winch for themselves at the OffTEC exhibition stand B6.235 in Hall B6.

GWO Enhanced First Aid in Remote Areas
The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is currently developing an enhanced first aid training standard (EFA), that will offer employers an augmented first aid course. The new international standard is based on the standard "First Aid in Offshore Wind Farms" established by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), which OffTEC already provides successfully using practical instruction. OffTEC is already fit for the EFA standard and will be offering the course as soon as the GWO adopts it in the last quarter of 2018.

The EFA training standards will be implemented in the GWO course "First Aid for Basic Safety". Technicians will thus be qualified to stabilise colleagues suffering an accident, a life-threating trauma or illness before they are transported to the nearest location where they can receive medical attention. The course content includes the use of medical teleconsultation.

Advanced Rescue Training in accordance with GWO
The GWO is also developing a new training standard in the area of safety at height and rescue from height. The ART standard (Advanced Rescue Training) will be incorporated in basic training in the shape of two training modules. In addition to special knowledge about safety at height, participants will also be taught how to rescue themselves and others from critical workspaces in a wind turbine through the correct use of the available equipment.

OffTEC already provides this course adapted to meet customer-specific requirements and is ready to provide GWO Advanced Rescue Training as soon as the standard has been officially adopted and OffTEC is correspondingly certified.



Precision work in a confined space: in many of the work areas in a wind turbine, rescuing casualties is only possible using special rescue procedures that the service technicians learn during their Advanced Rescue Training.

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