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OffTEC in Action – These videos impressively show how vital training is for emergencies. Not only employees from the wind industry take part in our rescue and safety courses for all elements. Professional rescuers like the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) let OffTEC give them intensive preparation for their missions. Come and be impressed!


Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for Offshore-Service

Siemens Gamesa sets new standards in offshore service with its Service Operation Vessel (SOV) – “Faster, safer and more efficient”. The SOV remains out at the wind farm even in rough weather, and thanks to the hydraulic bridge the technicians cab reach the turbines more often than is possible with normal access systems.
As a partner of many years in the field of onshore and offshore safety training, OffTEC trains the service personnel from Siemens Gamesa under particularly realistic conditions – as the best possible preparation for the daily challenges out on the high seas.


OffTEC prepares sea rescuers for their operations in the Aegean

To prepare for possible emergency situations during their mission in the Aegean, the sea rescuers underwent sea survival training under realistic conditions at OffTEC from 19.03 - 20.03.2016.
The crews trained in the use of personal protective equipment and learned a variety of rescue techniques for surviving at sea through teamwork. A special focus of the training was rescue techniques and procedures for rescuing large numbers of people in distress at sea. 

DGzRS Competition - Be a Sea Rescuer for a Day

Thomas Stasch, a winner of the online competition to Be a Sea Rescuer for a Day organised by the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS), experienced a day in the life of the crew on the sea rescue cruiser BERLIN in Laboe on the weekend of 29/30 August 2015. To get him optimally prepared for his tasks on board the BERLIN, he first completed a demanding sea survival course in the modern training centre in Enge-Sande lent to the sea rescuers by OffTEC for the day. With waves over two metres high, storm and darkness, he floated in the water in a survival suit alongside experienced search and rescuers, learnt how to cope with lifejackets and had to climb aboard a rescue raft.


Realistic training for emergencies at sea

Preparation for survival out at sea: In the OffTEC Maritime Training Centre, Sat.1 reporter Phillip Kamke learnt how to react correctly in the event of an emergency on an offshore platform. Leaping into the giant pool from a height of four metres and doing group exercises in the most unpleasant weather conditions are all part and parcel of the sea survival training.
A report from Sat.1 Regional on 08.12.2014


Maritime Training Centre tests new technology

The final phase: Before the official opening of the new Maritime Training Centre, North German Television (NDR) accompanied the OffTEC team as they tested the new special equipment used in the maritime safety training courses. There was intensive testing of the simulation of different wave and weather conditions on the high seas as well as escaping underwater from a ditched helicopter.
A report from NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazin on 21.10.2014


Introducing OffTEC

Our corporate video shows the very diverse training and advanced training opportunities at OffTEC. We provide safety and technology training for the optimal qualification of onshore and offshore wind employees – all at one and the same location.


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