Hoist Passenger Training

Winch training on the SWT-3.6-120

Hoist Passenger Training

Winch training on the SWT-3.6-120

Hoist Passenger Training on the SWT-3.6-120

Basic Course Informations

1 day / 8 lessons

Validity of the certificate for this course: no prescribed validity

Hoist Passenger Training on the SWT-3.6-120

on request

1 day / 8 lessons


Dates for this course will be fixed in consultation with you. request now


In order to guarantee safe transport of persons and rescuing persons by helicopter by means of the associated winch procedures requires not only a qualified helicopter crew, but also that the rescue staff and the personnel being transported also undertake sound Hoist Passenger Training involving real wind power technology.

Teaching content

  • Safety, behavioural and procedural instructions in seminars and on training facilities
  • Practical instruction in safety, behavioural and procedural instructions, boarding and winch operations, and communication procedures in helicopter ground operation
  • Practical training of hoist and winch operation procedures for helicopters in flight using real wind turbines (SWT-3.6)

Target group

Persons and rescue personnel who are flown to work on offshore wind turbines by helicopter and winched down onto the turbine platform.


G41 check-up, first aid training, training in the use of PPE against falls from height for working in areas where there is a risk of falling.

In accordance with youth protection legislation, the minimum age for participation is 18 years.


A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course and a corresponding entry will be made in the participant’s safety pass.

General information

Please bring appropriate protective work clothing and S3 safety shoes. It is recommended that you train using your own PPE, so please bring this if you have it. Please state if you will need to borrow a PPE (for which there is a charge) when booking the course. You will also require clothing suitable for the weather and suitable work gloves as the practical part of the course takes place outside

The course is carried out in association with an experienced helicopter service provider

Information as download:

Hoist Passenger Training data sheet

Course contact

Alicia Lee-Johannsen

Lecker Strasse 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-13
Fax: +49 4662 89127-88


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