High seas safety training

Safety training for yachtsmen

High seas safety training

Safety training for yachtsmen


High seas safety training

High seas safety training for yachtsmen

Basic Course Informations

"World Sailing" certified (ISAF)

Validity of the certificate for this course: no prescribed validity

High seas safety training for yachtsmen

EUR 540.00 plus VAT
EUR 642.60 incl. VAT

2.5 days


22.11.2019-24.11.2019 book now


Every skipper and crew member should train how to quickly do the right thing in an emergency on the high seas. How to launch the life raft and experience how you move in it on the water, how to apply first aid, to use distress signals, and familiarise themselves with means of stopping leaks, using hand-held fire extinguishers, how to get the yacht ready for a storm and a great deal more. The Hanseatische Yachtschule (HYS) has carried out many ISAF-certified safety training courses in the past. The HYS cooperated with OffTEC for the first time in the 2017 season OffTEC.
With waves up to two metres in height, wind, thunder, lightning and rain by day or by night – the big water basin of the Maritime Training Centre is ideal for training safety techniques and how to correctly handle protective equipment and various lifesaving appliances in all weather conditions. Combined with the section of the course held on the yachts of the Hanseatische Yachtschule in Glücksburg, this safety-training course is particularly realistic.

Teaching content and programme

18.30 - 19.30       Greeting and evening meal in the OffTEC canteen
19.30 - 21.00       Theory lessons: Meteorology, behaviour in bad weather conditions

08.00 - 08.45       Breakfast OffTEC canteen
09.00                   Start of training

Einteilung der drei Gruppen auf die Trainingsstationen Brandhaus, Übungsbecken und Theorie, je Station sind 2,5 Stunden effektive Ausbildungszeit geplant

12.15 - 13.00      Lunch break

•    Verhalten im Seenotfall
•    Praktische Unterweisung mit pyrotechnischen Signalmitteln
Diese Einheit wird von DHH-Segellehrern unterrichtet.

Trainingsstation Brandhaus - Praxis
•    Handhabung von Feuerlöschern und Löschdecke
Der Unterricht wird von einem erfahrenen Berufsfeuerwehrmann.

Trainingsstation Übungsbecken - Praxis
•    Einsatz der persönlichen Rettungsausrüstung
•    richtiges Verhalten im Wasser
•    Einsteigen und Verhalten in der Rettungsinsel
•    Bergen von Personen
Die Übungen werden von DHH- und OFFTEC-Ausbildern geleitet.

18:00 Uhr        Absolvierung des Examens 1 (alle Teilnehmer)
18.30 Uhr        End of training
19.30               Dinner in a nearby restaurant

07.30 - 08.00  Breakfast in the OffTEC canteen, then leave for the HYS in Glücksburg in your own cars
09.00              Welcome at the HYS, separation into two groups and start of training

Anschließende Aufteilung der Teilnehmer in drei Gruppen

12:00 - 12:45 Uhr    Mittagspause

Trainingsinhalte Gruppe 1:
 •    Praktische Demonstration Sturmsegel
 •    MOB, Bergung einer Person

Trainingsinhalte Gruppe 2:  
 •    Praktische Demonstration Leckbekämpfung (um realistische Bedingungen zu simulieren, kommt hierbei ein speziell präparierter Bootsrumpf zum Einsatz)

Trainingsinhalte Gruppe 3:
 •    Theorie verhalten im Seenotfall FUNK und SAR

Diese Einheiten werden von DHH-Segellehrern unterrichtet.

13:45 Uhr      Absolvierung des Examens 2 (alle Teilnehmer) und anschließende Ausgabe der Teilnahmebestätigungen

14:00 Uhr      Ausbildungsende und Abreise

Target group



A minimum of physical fitness is expected. Participants must not have any health-related restrictions, especially of the respiratory tracts, cardiovascular diseases or spinal disorders.

The minimum age for participants is 16 years.

Number of participants

16 to 24 persons


If desired, participants can be issued with a World Sailing certificate at a cost of EUR 15.00.


Lifesaving equipment, lifejackets, oilskins and consumables will be provided by the organisers. Anyone preferring to use his or her own lifejacket is welcome to do so. For hygiene reasons these must however be absolutely clean in order to avoid soiling of the training pool.

General information

€ 475 per person plus cost of accommodation and breakfast, and a charge of € 15 for the World Sailing certificate. We recommend booking accommodation inclusive breakfast at the OffTEC Guest House at the training centre at a cost of € 45 per night for a single room or € 65 for single use of a double room. 1x evening meal and 2x lunches are included in the course price. Participants pay for their own dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Cancellations up to 14 days before the training weekend are free of charge; later cancellations will be charged 90% of the course price and for the accommodation if applicable.

Course contact

Alicia Lee-Johannsen

Lecker Strasse 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-13
Fax: +49 4662 89127-88


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