The most frequently asked questions about our training programme

What clothing is appropriate for my training course?

Maritime Training (Sea Survival, HUET, First responder Offshore etc.)

- Swimwear, a change of clothing

- Bathing slippers

- Sport shorts and T-shirt

- Personal hygiene articles

- Towels (using towels from the guest house is nor permitted)


Rescue at Heights (Working at Heights, Advanced Rescue, First Responder Offshore, etc.)

- Safety shoes

- Work gloves

- Weather-proof (rain) clothing (the practical side of things takes place outside some of the time)

- PPE against fall from height (can be hired for € 30.00 plus VAT)


Fire Protection Training (Fire Awareness etc.)

- (Work) clothes that can take getting soiled under the fire protection clothing

- Work gloves

- Safety shoes


First Aid and Manual Handling of Loads and Objects (Manual Handling)

- Safety shoes

What training course do I need a PPE against fall from height for?

You need personal protective equipment against fall from height for the training courses for GWO Working at Heights, DGUV PSAgA, Advanced Rescue and First Responder Offshore Basic. If you cannot bring your own PPE against fall from height, you can hire one from us for EUR 30.00 plus VAT. You can request hiring a PPE against fall from height with your training request.

Do you offer testing of PPE against fall from height?What does it cost? Is it possible to buy a PPE against fall from height?

Yes, we test your PPE against fall from height in accordance with DGUV Principle 312-906 and are also a collection point for Cresto rescue equipment. Please ask for our price list. We sell PPE against fall from height after first giving an individual quote.

When do I need a GWO certificate and when do I need a DGUV certificate?

Which certificate is required often depends on the operator, customer or employer. The general rule is however that the GWO certificate is for work internationally and the DGUV certificate for work within Germany.

Which certification is the right one for offshore training courses (GWO, OPITO or NOGEPA)?

Which certificate is required often depends on the operator, customer or employer. Please check this before you register for a course.

Can I take a GWO refresher course with valid OPITO certification?

No, because it is for different safety standards. If you wish to take a GWO refresher course you will always need a valid GWO Basic or GWO Refresher certificate.

Is it sufficient to take a shortened Basic training course to qualify for a refresher certificate?


Must I complete a DGUV First Aid course in order to take the DGUV First Responder Offshore even if I have a valid GWO First Aid certificate?

Yes, it is a DGUV prerequisite.

Are training courses provided in English?

Yes, for group of at least six persons we can arrange additional courses in English, though courses are usually held in German..

Which EBS systems are used with HUET?

Our helicopter underwater escape training used the STASS, EBS and HEED systems.

What information is available about the GWO's WINDA database?

Since 17.10.2016 the GWO training certificates can be gathered in the GWO’s central WINDA database. This means that completed training courses can be documented and viewed.
GWO levies an administrative fee for uploading which the course provider will pay in advance, but which claim back by invoice.

Only training providers can upload certificates

Only certified GWO training providers are entitled to upload participation in a training course onto the WINDA database. Participants cannot upload their certificates themselves.
We charge a standard payment of EUR 25 plus VAT per certificate for uploading certificates onto the WINDA database.

Uploading the GWO training certificate requires your personal WINDA-ID. Please inform us of this in your training request, otherwise an upload is not possible.
Uploading the GWO Refresher Course certificate requires the expiry date of the previous certificate, so please also state the date in your training request. Upload is not possible without it.

Registration and Creation of a Personal WINDA-ID

So that the participation in a training course can be entered into the database, every participant needs to have a personal registration number, the WINDA-ID. By registering on the WINDA database you declare that you agree to the upload and the passing on of your data.

For more information and to create a personal WINDA-ID please visit us at http://www.globalwindsafety.org/gwo/winda.html.

Validity of GWO Certificates

Only GWO certificates are recognised in the WINDA database. It is up to the client, customer or operator if a WINDA upload is required. GWO  certificates issued by OffTEC retain their validity because OffTEC is a GWO certified training provider.

Can course participants stay overnight at OffTEC ?

Our newly built guest house offers comfortable accommodation for all course participants - right on the campus in Enge-Sande.
We would like to point out that the guest house is not a hotel, so does not have a reception. Check-in is with a door code that we give you with the confirmation of your booking. You can check in anytime.
There is a car park right in front of the guest house. You can select to stay at the guest house along with your training request.

What meals do I get at OffTEC?

Lunch is included in every course. Participants who stay at our guest house get a balanced breakfast in the canteen. The canteen is closed in the evenings so everyone has to cater for him or herself. There are restaurants and shops nearby.

How does payment work?

After the course is over an invoice is sent to the billing address given on the training request.

Please note that it is not as yet possible to pay by credit card.

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