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At OffTEC there’s always something to report, because the requirements set for qualification and safety in the wind industry are constantly increasing. With new training centres, innovative training courses, the latest developments in the wind market and cooperation projects – we are continuously developing. 

Here you will find all the latest news as text, images and videos to download.

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Security for Southern Germany: OffTEC GWO Onshore Safety Training now in Bavaria

OffTEC goes South: The unique training and advanced training centre for the wind industry now has a training location in Bavaria. Based in the north German town of Enge-Sande, the offshore training and development cluster is a byword for comprehensive safety and technical qualifications under almost real conditions.…

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Hard and real – only at OffTEC: Maritime survival training for special forces

Drowning is not an option. Special forces have to survive in order to save others when nobody else can. Missions out at sea – storm surges, capsizing, helicopter crash, man overboard – even the most disastrous situations can be properly trained for. The OffTEC offshore training and development cluster are the experts…

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Success! Celebrating the first FEW IHK course: from electrical engineering layperson to professional at OffTEC

An electrifying moment: Today for the first time the Flensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce awarded certificates to five newly qualified wind turbine electrical engineering professionals. The innovative advanced training course was initiated and realised by the OffTEC offshore training and development cluster in…

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Gold for OffTEC: Website relaunch receives TYPO3 award

The Enge-Sande based enterprise won the international gold award for the best website of the year 2017-2018 in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) category.

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Saving and Rescuing - OffTEC Offers Enhanced Training

Respect the Elements: OffTEC GmbH & Co. KG is bringing new challenges for personnel in the on and offshore wind industry to WindEnergy Hamburg.

The training centre, which is unique in Europe, is situated in the North Frisian town of Enge-Sande, and specialises in realistic safety and rescue training courses as well…

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OffTEC – Training under unique conditions
training and advanced training for the wind and maritime sectors as full service 

For technical, sea survival, helicopter, rescue at height, first aid or firefighting training, the Offshore Training and Development Cluster (OffTEC) represents comprehensive training under virtually real-life conditions.


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