OffTEC now offers consulting for the development and testing of protection and safety concepts

The range of services offered by OffTEC Base GmbH & Co.KG has now been enhanced by consultancy services in the areas of protection and safety. OffTEC has specialised in the training and qualification of wind industry employees since 2011. The consulting encompasses the diverse hazards and challenges that a wind farm on land or out at sea poses for all those involved.

Comprehensive service for manufacturers, suppliers and operators: as experts for onshore and offshore wind turbines, OffTEC develops bespoke safety concepts. The consulting offered for wind farm operators includes work protection programmes, emergency management out at sea as well as service and maintenance concepts. OffTEC also draws up wind turbine specific risk assessments, analyses existing safety and protection concepts, and reviews their feasibility in practice.

Optimum safety and rescue  
Which rescue techniques have to be mastered bearing in mind the infrastructural requirements so that the right action can be taken in an emergency? What equipment is necessary, and is it already available in the wind turbine? These are the most important questions that need to be answered when drawing up and examining safety concepts. The answers can be provided after several inspections of the wind turbine and an analysis of the risk environment. This involves the trial and documentation of diverse rescue scenarios in all critical wind turbine areas such as tower basement, lift system, hub and machine house. OffTEC Consulting also offers the production of emergency manuals and help in clarifying special work safety issues, if necessary also on site. 

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OffTEC Consulting Safety Concepts
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