OffTEC presents Advanced Rescue Training courses: new simulator for difficult rescue missions

Rescue under critical conditions: with its innovatively designed Advanced Rescue Simulator (ARS), OffTEC offers realistic safety training for the offshore wind industry. The simulator is the logical expansion of OffTEC’s training infrastructure for comprehensive training courses tailor made to meet the customer’s needs. With the comprehensive service provided in the North Frisian town of Enge-Sande, the training and advanced training centre of the Training and Development Cluster (OffTEC) is unique in the industry.

Fire and accidents in areas that are difficult to access are just a few examples of emergency situations that can occur in highly complex wind turbines. The new OffTEC Advanced Rescue Simulator for training complex rescue scenarios is based on the NM 64c (NEG Micon) wind turbine. The machine house on the six-metre tower was completely gutted and the most important parts have been replicated. “The hub simulator with different ways into the hub was recently completed for exercises in rescuing from our of the hub. This is where first aid or evacuation is often particularly difficult”, says Klaus Loesmann, OffTEC’s commercial director.

When every second counts 
Helping colleagues not only requires excellent knowledge of the area and the rescue equipment, because the choice of the rescue method can also be of vital importance. The new Advanced Recue course involves a wide variety of training in and on the ARS. Whether it involves rescue from the tower basement or from under the gearbox, emergency measures in case of a fall from the roof or evacuation through floor and side hatches, intensive training is given in safe and rapid action. The first general courses for staff with basic knowledge will begin in spring 2017. Until then it will be possible to use the ARS for client-specific rescue courses.

Basic courses at OffTEC Field 
The training and test wind farm OffTEC Field has two wind turbines for basic rescue, safety and technology training. The Siemens SWT-3.6-120, fully equipped for offshore, boasts a 90-metre tower and a helihoist platform. The 80-metre high Siemens SWT-3.0-101DD is a gearless turbine – a technology that is already used on a large scale offshore. Courses can be booked all year round. 

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OffTEC Advanced Rescue Training
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