Switching authorisation up to 52 kV

Expertise for electricians

Switching authorisation up to 52 kV

Expertise for electricians

Switching authorisation up to 52 kV

Basic Course Informations

According to DGUV Regulation 3 and DIN VDE 0105-100

Validity of the certificate for this course: 12 months

Switching authorisation up to 52 kV

EUR 995.00 plus VAT
EUR 1,184.05 incl. VAT

2 days / 16 lessons


Dates for this course will be fixed in consultation with you. Request


Participants gain a sound knowledge of medium voltage switching processes and knowledge of the relevant laws, accident prevention regulations, standards and VDE regulations and about the identification and description of types of power supply operations, switching devices and turbine designs, precautions and rules of behaviour in the event of faults and accidents. The participant can perform switching processes on air and SF6 gas-insulated medium-voltage switching gear, master disconnection processes and safely apply the Five Safety Rules.

Teaching content

  • Legal principles
  • Profile of requirements for personnel authorised to perform switching tasks, those authorised to assign switching operations and those responsible for the plant (turbine)
  • Guideline, risk assessment, work instruction
  • The Five Safety Rules and the different voltage levels
  • Dangers and effects of electric current on the human body
  • Behaviour in the event of faults, accidents, damage and fires in electrical systems
  • Analysis of faulty switching and prevention strategies
  • Switching examples
  • Medium-voltage switching systems up to 52 kV
  • Network forms and fault types
  • Switching devices, air and SF6 insulated switchgears
  • Personal protection when switching, safety and personal protection marking
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Practical training on medium-voltage switching systems

Target group

Qualified electricians and persons properly instructed in electrical engineering who are to receive switching authorisation in the firm and from the grid operator.


Training as electrician or an EIP course

Number of participants

Maximal 8 Personen


A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course and an entry made in the participant’s safety pass.

The certificate is valid for one year.

Course contact

Silvia Dinis

Lecker Straße 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-16
Fax: +49 4662 89127-88



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