Capsize Training

Rescue techniques in emergency situations

Capsize Training

Rescue techniques in emergency situations

Capsize Training

The special training course comprises Survival at Sea, Capsize and Helicopter Underwater Evacuation Training (HUET), behaviour in water and operational exercises. As needed, OffTEC provides support in material testing, technical developments and maritime tactics according to the individual needs of the training units. Due to recent developments and the resulting requirements of the special task forces, OffTEC's training management is able to implement them in training at short notice.



Basic Course Informations

Das Capsize Training vermittelt dem Teilnehmer in Theorie und Praxis umfassende Kenntnisse für das Überleben eingetretener Notsituationen bei der Verbringung mit einem Einsatz-RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).


Validity of the certificate for this course: no prescribed validity

Capsize Training

EUR 498.00 plus VAT
EUR 592.62 incl. VAT
per participant

1 day / 8 lessons


Dates for this course will be fixed in consultation with you. request now


From professionals for professionals
The training course is based on the specific operational requirements of the German police and Bundeswehr as well as international Special Forces.  
The design of the combined basic modules was developed in cooperation with these units and oriented on their requirements.

Instructors and equipment
The course instructors are former members of the German combat swimmer company (KSM) with many years experience as instructors for special services.
New requirements for Special Forces often result from current developments, and OffTEC’s maritime training management is always able to implement them in an appropriate course at short notice.

Teaching content


  •     Reasons of capsizing
  •     Classification of emergency positions
  •     Reaction during the capsize process
  •     Orientation and situation identification
  •     Ensuring completeness
  •     Securing air and visibility
  •     Helping comrades and rescuing injured persons
  •     Team backup after the rescue
  •     Prevention of hypothermia

Practice with the RIB:

  •     Ride 1: without swell
  •     Ride 2: weak waves
  •     Ride 3: swell, dusk and storm
  •     Ride 4: swell, dusk, storm and fog
  •     Ride 5: swell, darkness, storm and fog
  •     Ride 6: rescue of an injured person on the surface during swell, darkness, storm and fog
  •     Ride 7: diving exercise in waves, darkness, storm and fog
  •     Ride 8: diving exercise and position change during swell, darkness, storm and fog
  •     Ride 9: rescue of a person under the boat during waves, darkness, storm and fog
  •     Ride 10: rescue of a person under the boat and another injured person on the surface during waves, darkness, storm and fog

Target group

Special service units of the police, armed forces and international forces.


A minimum of physical fitness is expected. Participants must not have any health-related restrictions, especially of the respiratory tract, cardiovascular or spinal diseases.

Group size

Safe training can be given for groups of different sizes to be agreed beforehand. The desired group size comprises ten participants.


A certificate will be issued on completion of the training.

General information

•    Participants should bring their own swimwear, towels, change of underwear and personal hygiene articles.
•    Overnight accommodation is available in the guesthouse on campus
•    Catering (breakfast and lunch) is served in the canteen on campus

Course contact

Clemens Clausen
Consultant Maritime Training

Lecker Strasse 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-57


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