Rigging - Attachment of loads

Safe transport of loads with lifting devices

Rigging - Attachment of loads

Safe transport of loads with lifting devices

Rigging - Attachment of loads - Basic

Basic Course Informations

According to DGUV Information 209-013

Validity of the certificate for this course: no prescribed validity

Rigging - Attachment of loads - Basic

EUR 432.00 plus VAT
EUR 514.08 incl. VAT

2 days / 16 lessons


Dates for this course will be fixed in consultation with you. Request


Despite the high level of modernisation, there is still a lot of manual work to be done in technical and industrial workplaces, especially when it comes to transporting loads with lifting devices. The slinger and the crane operator make up a team that carries out the load transport. The behaviour of the slinger is very important. In accordance with BGR 500 the employer can only order someone to do this work if they have been properly instructed how to do the job. Participants learn the crane transport procedure, safe assessment of the danger zone, the choice of the right lifting tackle (sling) and its proper use in accordance with DGUV-I 209-013.

Teaching content

  • Basic knowledge of slings and lifting tackle
  • Estimation of load weight and the centre of gravity of the load
  • Load bearing capacities of lifting tackle depending on slings, slinging configuration and angle of inclination
  • Selection of suitable lifting tackle
  • Securing against unintentional detachment
  • Behaviour and signalling when attaching, lifting and transporting loads
  • Behaviour when depositing and detaching the lifting tackle
  • Avoiding damage to lifting tackle and loads, storing lifting tackle

Target group

Persons assigned to attach and transport loads during operations.


In accordance with youth protection legislation, the minimum age for participation is 18 years.

Number of participants

6 to 12 persons


A certificate is issued on successful completion of the course.

The certificate is valid for one year.

General information

Please bring suitable protective work clothing and S3 safety shoes.

Information as download:

Course contact

Alicia Lee-Johannsen

Lecker Strasse 7
25917 Enge-Sande
Tel.: +49 4662 89127-13
Fax: +49 4662 89127-88


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